Data Engineering
Uncover Insights from your data using customized Business Intelligence (BI) solutions equipped with Machine Learning.

We help you uncover valuable insights from your company's data. At Infoline Technologies Co. Ltd. we develop tools to extract, analyze, visualize, and present detailed reports with our Business Intelligence (BI) systems. 

Our expertise with building Full-Stack Solutions helps us deliver intelligent machine learning systems for our Clients. We Employ Industry-standard open source technologies to build Data Engineering Solutions. 

Our Core Strengths in Data Engineering include: 

  • Tools to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data 
  • Discover and Visualize Data to gain insights on business operations 
  • Identify and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) 
  • Creating custom dashboards and reporting tools. 
  • Machine Learning Model training and optimization 
  • Recommendation Engines, Customer Segmentation, and Anamoly Detection. 

Leveraging industry knowledge is the key to our Data Engineering services.